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Unity Engine is a wonderful tool for game creation. Many games like Asteroids, Super Mario, Pong and even E.T. use user inputs to move the main character.

In this story, I will go on multiple ways to move an object and tie it to Unity Input. (A story for Input System is coming)

Note: This story will take for granted that you already know some basics of Unity Editor. Such as having Unity installed, GameObjects, Unity Editor tools, update loop and some more.

The Basics

Installing Unity

You want to start your Game development journey? You heard of Unity3D?

Here in this story you will learn how to start with Unity3D by installing it on your Microsoft Windows computer.

To do so in 2021 you need to first download Unity Hub to then install Unity Editor through it.

Unity Hub


To install Unity Hub you will need to head over There you can find Download Unity Hub green button. You may use the left button, but it may be more complexe. Since it will redirect you to the shop.

Story Preview

Messy desk doesn’t stop you to do your work. Old hardware, a small trackpad, only a mouse to draw and so much more does not mean certain failure. However, it can slow you down. Being in a clean and easy-to-find environment does a lot. Even things as simple as resizing XYZ windows 5 pixels smaller. Sadly this article cannot solve all of your organizational mess. What it can do is helping understanding how you could organize your Unity environment to be more productive and losing less time.

Time is money? Stop searching where you put that window and get more…

GitHub is a hosting platform for the version control system (VCS) that is Git. To work with GitHub you will need the Git software installed on your computer. Git is 100% free.

This story will assume you already have Git installed and have some basic knowledge about it. Also that you are intending to use it for your project. If you want to know more about Git and how to install it on Windows , follow this LINK to another post of mine on the subject.


  1. GitHub Account
    Please make sure that you have a Github account. If you do not…

Notepad++ Logo

Notepad++ is a text and source code editor for the operating system Windows. It supports code coloring to help write code. However it does not offer debugging.


  1. Windows system with administrator rights.

Install Notepadd++


First of, you will need to download the installer. To do so, go to the official download page. On the download page, you may select the lastest version.

At the time of writing this story, 7.9.5 is the lastest.

Git is a software for tracking changes in any set of files. It is a version control software. Usually use for versioning source code of a software being delevopped. Also a must for teams working on the same project. Usually use with GitHub. Where Git is the client software and GitHub is the cloud hosting part.


  1. Windows system with administrator rights.

Install Git CLI client (Recommended)


To install Git CLI you will need to head over …

Welcome to the account creation part of this series of GitHub related stories. I am Mickplouffe and I am a software engeneer.

In this series you can learn: What is GitHub anyway, How to create an account, Install Git CLI and GitHub Desktop Official GUI, How to create a repo, How to fix most commun errors, GitHub vs Other Git base host, Is Git really needed and much more.

Click HERE to get to the list of all GitHub related stories.

Create a GitHub account

To use GitHub features, you need to have an account with them. Worry not, GitHub is mostly free. To…

Well. Hello!

2021. End of March. Start of a new beginning in programming. Again. For the third time. Third is the good one. Is it?

What is it?
Is it what?

So. GDHQ pushing me to do that. Then I guess I am doing that.

That will be the end of this. Then I will be able to start writing that.

That should do the trick.

This is the end of this.


I am an IT... hum.. Was. Now Aiming at software developping with Unity engine.

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